My Mom says that Adaraschia Wingit was an abandoned domain name; my sister says I fell down a hole and a smoking, blue caterpillar told me who I was (probably calling me, “stupid girl”, the whole time).  Neither of these is true (I think…) Here is what I recall of the occasion (other than possibly naming myself):

So we all know that when people are born, they’re tiny. That goes without saying, but they usually can’t walk. I am convinced that I was a shapeshifter at some point, and transformed into a kitten or something so that I could get around faster because crawling-speed annoyed me (my Mom says, “So did learning to crawl”). A peryton (winged stag, for those who aren’t too familiar with that creature) found me and carried me to not one, but two mountains. Each had a huge cave, but the occupants were different. One had a dragon (on the right) and the other a griffin (on the left). Both wanted to name me (I felt very much appreciated having two such creatures arguing over the honour of naming me), and both started saying what they thought my name should be. The peryton and I just sat there, watching them start yelling at each other until the names blended into each other to form Adaraschia, which led me to believe that this was the way my name was actually meant to be formed, as a sort of collaborative process.   And if you wanted to know what the names each chose were, my apologies, but I cannot tell you, however much I might like to; I would like to tell you, very much, actually, as I thought it an intriguing process.  But who expects a baby to remember a fact like that?! This conflict could be the reason I like dragons and griffins so much (though I like griffins better). :D

And that is what I can remember of the story of my name!  As I say, I was a baby at the time, so the rest of the event remains a vague memory.  Perhaps I shall consult the book of dragon and griffin folklore to see if the event merited an entry!  ^_^