Happy Halloween, people!

Okay, we all know the big, commonly talked about mythical creatures. Griffins (my fav’rite,) dragons, fairies, elves, etc. However….. I’ve been looking through some other, not so widely known ones. Like adlets. They’re from Inuit mythology, and are like werewolves, except for the fact that they don’t shift from normal human mode to oh-my-gosh-I’m-a-freaky-monster mode. Or if you’re looking at some of the newer literature, it’s hot-guy-without-a-shirt mode to oh-my-gosh-I’m-a-big-cuddly-would-be-monster mode. But back to the subject of adlets. Supposedly, they were first created by a woman breeding with a wild red dog that had some interesting powers. Five pretty, very normal puppies were born, but five mutants were also born (the adlets). The adlets apparently tried to attack the mothership, and their daddy didn’t view that in a very good light. So of course he drove them off, but as with most heroes, he got serious injuries. Unlike the heroes in those fairy tales that most of us like (mainly because of the happy endings,) he died, and the woman fled. She put the puppies on a log or something that she could get them on to so they could at least float and sent them off to sea. They landed in Europe and apparently copied their deceased parent by mating with humans as well. I forget what happened in those cases, but my main focus is the adlets. Sometimes cannibalistic, red furred, werewolf look-alikes that have the added bonus of being vampiric? As a friend of mine put it, they are werewolf vampires, which is really cool. Now if only there was some way to mix dragons and griffins without it being obvious to everyone that that was what I was trying to do…

Another example of mythical creatures that aren’t very well known is the Abatwa. They’re from Zulu mythology, and they’re tiny humans that can ride ants. Cool and a possible story vehicle? Of course! I can already imagine a world where the normal sized humans have completely ruined the planet and the little people (literally) come to storm the cities, riding on the backs of an army of ants and other insects…. dragonflies carrying little packets of poison powder to be inhaled by the unsuspecting populace! Rereading that little segment, I have to admit that some of the story ideas seem quite twisted at times, but that is sometimes the nature of story writing.   I’m sure that my little thing about Abatwa going and killing ‘giants’ without being noticed is creepy (in a good way?), but it isn’t as creepy as some of the things out there, so I think we’ll put the stamp of ‘concern raising’ on this one.

There’s one other mythical creature  (out of the dozens I have found) that I’d like to mention here. Adar Llwch Gwin, from Welsh mythology. They are giant birds that understand human languages. They’re supposed to be like griffins in a way, and their name derives from the Welsh words llwch (“dust”) and gwin (“wine”), which I find an interesting fact. Why those two words? As well as understand human speech, they were supposed to obey whatever command that was given to them by their master, which didn’t turn out so well for one guy. He ordered them to attack the first man to enter battle, but King Arthur was delayed so their tore their master to bits. Do I love that story? Heck yes! He should have been a little bit more specific, or changed the wording. Expect the unexpected and all that.

Now that that’s done, I need a drink of water, and to finish reading that book.