Well, my infinitely helpful Aunt (who is helping me find some of the topics for my posts) gave me a link to an article about what writing methods some people use. Here is my own:

Sit, put your hands on the keyboard, bob head to music, get brilliant idea for story/or/ to take you away from the current story, start typing and there you go. If I’m cold, I might use my iPod for notes or a bit of brainstorming and occasionally, I’ll have a glass of water on hand or something munchable. But the stuff I listed is my main writing ritual of sorts. Perhaps I should try different methods…. writing directly after exercising, or listening to things that make me giggle while I write. No music, a ten day writeathon? Or should it be writeaton? That looks like writ eat on. O_o Anyvay…. What are your writing methods? Just out of curiosity. If it involves a dog or cat or something, I’ll have to see if it’s possible to borrow my friends’ pets, seeing as I only have two budgies.

And one more thing: as much as I wish I could have candy on hand to munch on while writing I’d probably spend more time eating than writing. And I’d probably use it as an excuse to not force writer’s block down (and it better STAY down dammit!).