My sister Zoe sent me a link to a blog called Lethal Inheritence. Tahlia Newland is trying to get her book published and had the first chapter up for people to read (go comment on that please). Curious, I read it. My opinion? This book needs to get published! From what I’ve read the writing is fantastic and so is what I understand of the plot. Seeing as first lines are so important, here’s the first line of the chapter:

Exponential logarithms. Uggh.

Why that hooked me, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe it was because I was wondering what the heck logarithms are. Of course, I still don’t know but that doesn’t matter does it? I read the chapter and found it exciting and that’s all that matters. Please help this book get published because I really want to read the rest! Thank you for your time and contribution to the book’s publishing journey. :)

Now I have to go finish reading some of those other books I currently have in my possession. If you’ll excuse me….  :D