100 Things You Should Know About People: #41 — Your Most Vivid Memories Are Wrong.

The post gave me a feeling of… *searches for right wording*…horrified fascination I suppose. The fact that my memories which I am very-certain-are-right-and-how-dare-you-suggest-they-are-wrong might actually be… well, wrong! Putting this aside, Susan Weinschenk’s “100 Things You Should Know About People” posts are not only interesting to read but they also generate multiple story ideas.

Even though I’m not quite sure how it happened, I got two story ideas from reading this post along with the one about not being easily influenced. The first idea was something a little macabre, seeing as it dealt with a prisoner escape where they had to leap over pits of deathly spikes and the only way they could make it across was by grabbing strategically placed pipes but those pipes had spikes on them too, though not long enough to actually fully penetrate the hand. Still, it probably hurt. A lot!

The other idea was still dealing with the darker side of things but it wasn’t gruesome this time ’round. It was just about a teenage villain(ess) who’s got a rather absent-minded Dad. And one of her cuss words is “pop”, another being “suck” and yet another being “licorice”. If you haven’t guessed, she doesn’t like those three words, so they were obvious substitutes when her Dad stopped her from swearing. She does a variety of things behind his back, a few of which she tells him about (though this doesn’t really make a difference, seeing as he hardly registers what she says). The main idea is that even though she’s a villain, she falls for a guy who’s on the “lightbulb” side and he’s going to die, unless she can save him. Seeing as she’s saving him for herself, it still promises to be villainous!

Until you add in that this makes her have to save the entire city block from Abe S. Ently. Those are the basic ideas and not to sound conceited or anything (though I am enjoying stroking my fuzzy ego, which tried to pretend it was neglected by putting on a fake animal fur cloak) but I am a complete genius for thinking up that villain name. Now I’ve just got to think up a name for the girl that is equally clever and for the boy (but I might just make it on the blander side so she can say it is stupid, before she falls for him and bemoans the universe’s choice of which guy in her age group she’ll actually feel some measure of attraction for).

Of course, seeing as I know love is a choice and all that, I’ll have to tweak the idea a little but I’ve got the basic concept at least, which is all I need :) Now just to work on the others! I know, I know…easier said than done. Sorry cool, shiny, new ideas but you might just have to sit on the shelf awhile. However, this might cause you to tarnish, which will allow me to see if you’re actual gold or really just spray painted silver.