The query process is understandably terrifying. In fact, I’m pretty sure they use it as a torture device in some countries. And that’s even before you jump online and find out that every agent has a slightly different idea of what makes a good query and every discussion forum has a different formula and next thing you know you’ll find yourself checking yourself into an

Other than the fact that this post is something I will use for future reference when I actually COMPLETE a story (in the sense of “Yes! I think I’ll query it!” *promptly hides under couch* “The unwritten query letter is the ultimate doom!!!” with a little less drama), WordPress has to set up something where you can reblog posts that come from blogs that aren’t hosted by WordPress. Otherwise I’ll be forced to continue copying random portions and doing the “…” at the end. The dots at the end of a quote are a link by the way, in case it doesn’t show highlighted text or something similar.

I suppose that’s all that’s going into this post. Sadly,  I’d hand you a handkerchief but I’m not in the room with you. I’m assuming you are crying because it is of course very sad when the posts aren’t long enough to give you at least three minutes of reading. Or maybe this did give you three minutes and in which case I withdraw my loving offer of the digital handkerchief. Unless you’re crying because it didn’t take five minutes to read this, even if it might have taken you five minutes to figure out this last bit, which it shouldn’t.