Chocolate peppermint milk

The life-force of this writer!

How I survive without this product when it isn’t in the stores is one of life’s big  mysteries! It is truly one of the greatest things life has to offer at the moment. Before this drink, I pondered whether Genghis Khan’s first name was spelled “Ghengis” or “Ghenghis”. If the H is silent, wouldn’t it be the same….  give or take a letter/rearrange a letter? But that is not what we’re here to talk about. We are here to talk about the wonderful chocolatey goodness that is this milk. Before we get started, let me just note that I am not being paid for this, I do this of my own volition. I wish I was getting paid though, that would be fantastic. SUBTLE HINT TO THE KIND AND GENEROUS MAKERS! :D

On my old seldom-used other blog, I had a post about this milk and a funny (to my mind) incident that happened with it. Rereading it, I think it was a combination of reading Philip Ardagh’s “Book of Howlers, Blunders, and Random Mistakery” (apparently, due to a typo, shirts that should have said “I saw the Pope” instead said “I saw the Potato”) and listening to the effects of cactus juice on Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The last thing I have to say on this topic is that if I had to choose between orange juice (my favourite) and chocolate peppermint milk (my other favourite) and raspberry juice (my also ran favourite) and… I think I’ll just get to the point and say that I’d choose chocolate peppermint milk over all the others. I’m either sleep-deprived this morning, or that small amount of chocolate peppermint milk was enough to get me on a sugar high. I think I should drink some more to avoid the crash!