Chuck Norris does not use spell check. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford will simply change the actual spelling of it.

Christmas morning is the day where spelling errors are seemingly acceptable because no one else is paying attention to what you are doing. Everyone is much too busy adoring/reading/touching or figuring out how long the presents are going to last. I will probably end up in the reading category if I get any of the books I have wished for on my list. Seeing as this will probably be posted automatically before I’m awake, since I can never seem to get to sleep immediately on Christmas Eve and it happens for me much later. I still don’t know what I’ve gotten exactly. However, yours truly is probably bouncing up and down in excitement at the thought that I’m finally getting to know just what the heck has been wrapped and taunting me until the big unveil.

Let us all take a moment to hope that we all got some form of candy (and for writers, let us hope your stockings got filled with chocolate and coffee to fuel your sudden writing fevers).

Seeing as you probably want to get to your family members so that you can enjoy Christmas, let us end the post here so that you may do so.

A very warm “Merry Christmas!” to all who celebrate it!

To those who celebrate other holidays, may your’s be just as joyous! I wish you all the very best of everything life has to offer.