Teach me your mystical drawing skillzzzz....

Okay; you know in my About page how I mention Rihokshahas and a warning about smoking ravens? Well, you will finally get proof that the smoking raven does exist! Thanks to the spectacular drawing skills of my friend, Ember, I now have a smoking raven banner. :D All I did was send her a Cartolina e-card and she offered to either make an e-card for me, or do a banner for my blog. So I chose the blog, and then she made the most perfect banner in history by following my vague guidelines of  “oh, I would love to have an image of a smoking raven writing something.”  Of course, she did ask me things like, “quill or pen?”, “what sort of pipe should the raven be smoking?” and “what background colour and size?” I think the green smoke was a particularly nice touch. :P Makes me wonder what he’s filling his lungs with, exactly? XD  Thank you so much, Ember! And I trust your blog is successful – that’s because you are doing what all successful people do: you keep at it! :)  (I’m already subscribed. ;))  [The raven above is bowing his head reverentially in thanks to you:]


And you will now see something that is semi-out of character…

This evening, my Aunt came over. Now, what makes her my favorite relative (outside my immediate family) at the current moment other than my Grandma, is that she gave me something wrapped in a plastic bag this evening. What is this something? Let me tell you…..


Miss Kitty, I cannot hug you enough for that book! :) So, now that I’m in possession of this ultra cool book (four hundred seventy-seven pages of awesomeness!) I will put all of the other currently-reading projects aside so that I may read it. And when I am done…. I will ask my Mom to take a picture of me holding both the book and the sketchbook, so that I can hopefully convey how excited I am (if the capital letters and blending of words didn’t convey it) by this acquisition for my shelves (now I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to arrange “my favorites” shelf…)

Yeah, so that’s what I had to say! Other than the fact that Jackson Pearce got a YouTube partnership which makes me incredibly happy. Now if only Mr. DiTerlizzi would do vlogging…. I’d like to see THAT. :D