Hello! Welcome to my blog, A Raven’s Writing Desk. This blog is here for all things related to writing. Book reviews, prompts from writer’s blogs (example: YA Highway), and stuff about various story ideas I’m working on. Those story idea posts will probably revolve around frustrations with writer’s block or having had an idea for the character and not having been able to write it down before I lost it. Before I continue rambling……. ‘my raven’, is named Rihokshahas. Or just Shaha for short. So don’t think I’m crazy or anything if I start up conversations with Shaha in the middle of a blog post. Even if it is a thoroughly crazy thing to do.

*reads the above paragraph* Okay I really got off topic…… I’ll probably improve this page later. But before you actually go read any of the posts (other than this one, which explains my name)………

I, Adaraschia Wingit (I just love typing my name), am an aspiring author. As I mentioned above, I have lots of story ideas. This is a result of my not being able to control myself when it comes to shiny new ideas, which has me leaving whatever story idea I might have been working on. I’m trying to work on that. My current goal is to have at least one story written and all edited so that I feel I can query it. Of course, once it’s finished, I’d have to go and look up how to write a query letter exactly….. but we’ll worry about that speed bump when we come to it. ^_^

On the subject of how I came to start writing stories…. as we all know, little kids have big imaginations and can have some thoroughly odd ideas for games (an example: Recently, I was playing with my friend’s three-year-old sister, and it was a game with some barbies, and some horses that got killed by a police leaf. But then the Barbies just asked the horses if they were awake and they were suddenly fine. Zombie horses, Barbie horses no less, could lead to some interesting ideas). The earliest story I remember having written down (a.k.a. dictating to my Mom and having her write it down) involved Draino Maltoy, a.k.a. Draco Malfoy. The first story I actually completed (without being an author or having the thought of publishing in mind) was called The Adventures of Zoon, Zon, Zunk, and Zank, who were just some teddy bear siblings who wanted to be astronauts and went and trained for it from an age that was somewhere between eight and fourteen….. and when they asked their mom if they could do it, she told them to be careful. Here’s the line: “Be careful,” said their mother from her hospital bed. I have to wonder about my state of mind when I wrote that story, especially seeing as everyone on Earth forgot about them, and they ended up living with a shark on the moon and weren’t too upset by this.

The only other story I completed was called Pseudo Dreams, and it was unfortunately lost when my computer went and deleted some random files on me. At the current moment, I’m working on a couple different stories. The first one (which I am changing from one book to a trilogy) involves lots of different layers of reality which are named after certain articles of clothing. The one we reside in is called the hat. Another story idea involves the twenty-sixth century of one dimension being destroyed so they had to seek refuge in the middle ages of another dimension, and the Victorian ages of yet another dimension also had to seek refuge in the middle ages. It’s supposed to follow a boy called Marcellus Dragonquill and a creature which I decided is called an elinvyr (and it will stay that unless I found it’s an actual creature in mythology), who I have named…. darn, I don’t have my notes with me. -_- I’ll have to update this section of the About page when I have them available. The name started with an H.

The third story idea which I think I’ll be working on, involves ravens (I got the idea when choosing the blog name). I think it would be called “Birds of a Feather” or something like that. Have you ever seen pictures of things like ‘eagle men’ or something similar? Humanoid birds? That’s the basic idea, but it’s more like people turn into birds. I’m still figuring out the plot for that one. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to a story idea this time. I’m pretty sure that I need a break from the layer story, so while I work out the complete plot idea for the alchemist one (the project name being “Forest Alchemy” at the moment), I’ll do some experiments with the raven idea.

Oh yes, and before I forget……. in case anyone asks me what got me writing: my sister telling me about someone who became a teen author. I wanted to duplicate that. I’ve still got time, but not if I keep chasing after all those thoroughly shiny ideas whenever they pop up. I think I’ll have to train myself to just write out a basic idea or a page or so of it plus whatever vague plot idea that came with it, and just keep on trucking with whatever I’m working on.


This blog contains writing, semi-insanity, possible thoughtful moments, photos for illustrating points or for some other reason, nature, and (occasionally) a smoking raven.

And why is a raven like a writing desk?


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