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Ah, deviantArt, you helped me to discover so many cool pictures and artists and yet, at the same time you are also quietly assisting me in procrastinating with my writing by effortlessly eating up the hours with browsing your site!

The only other things I seem to do are the things an everyday person who isn’t an author or aspiring to be one can do. *sigh* However, it did do a good thing. What is this you might ask? What good could possibly come from something that is preventing me from writing stories that might or might not make me well known and successful? I’m actually practicing my drawing again! A lovely side effect is that it has inspired MORE stories!

The graphic at the top was done with my tablet and it has been great to learn rediscover all the tools and tricks of the trade. Let me know what you think and if there is anything I should attempt to draw for you dear readers…


When I wrote the post on how she terrorized my poached egg, I remembered a very short story I had written for school revolving around the Baked Alaska she made in the ancient times where cavemen roamed the earth and she had to contend with dragons in her oven if she wanted to actually bake anything. This time is also known as the birth of her blog, which some people seem to believe actually happened in the twenty-first century (how ludicrous). So I decided that it would be a perfect reblogging opportunity, and crawled through the dusty archives (a.k.a. simply put “baked alaska” in the search enginge) and finally found it under miles of dust. I probably won’t stop sneezing for a year, so you had better appreciate the effort. :P It’s also from the days where I mainly ran the blog Chaos of LCD & KenKaniff, which later became & Co.

While You Wait: A Tale of Baked Alaska This entry is a contribution from my sister (she has her own blog, co-run, called Chaos of LCD & Kenkaniff), who had to choose a natural disaster to write about for an assignment for class and she chose the one she knows best: me when experimenting in the kitchen. She wrote it around the time I was making baked Alaska. Hope you enjoy. A nat … Read More

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iTunes Gift Cards

It would probably be… breaking into a candy store and eating as much as I wanted (taking a lot for later), or knocking a row of glass things off a display. Nothing really drastic, seeing as I'd make sure no one got hurt. Of course, another possibility is stealing as many fifty dollar iTunes cards as I can grab. :P

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This gave me a good laugh this morning, and so I decided to share it with however many readers I might actually have! :D

The Twelve Days of a Writer's Christmas On the 1st day of Christmas, a writer gave to me: A copy of the Writer’s Market Guide. On the 2nd day of Christmas a writer gave to me: 2 reams of paper, and a copy of the Writer’s Market Guide. On the 3rd day of Christmas a writer gave to me: 3 sharpened pencils, 2 reams of paper, and a copy of the Writer’s Market Guide. On the 4th day of Christmas, a writer gave to me: 4 backache pills, 3 sharpened pencils, 2 reams of paper, and a copy of the W … Read More

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For some reason, I always loved this movie, whether or not it was about tall blue aliens and tiny little people who both got killed a lot. My favorite scenes happened to involve things like one of the tiny people being caught in a box they'd stolen and sucked underground, the ant-eater-like creature coming and eating them, and various other "oh no, the little people are dying" scenes. Maybe I liked the way the aliens ate their breakfasts standing up? O.o Ah well, whatever it was about the movie that made me love it, I'm glad it allowed me to watch this so many times that I would remember details like that.

… and now I want to see it again.

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Well, my infinitely helpful Aunt (who is helping me find some of the topics for my posts) gave me a link to an article about what writing methods some people use. Here is my own:

Sit, put your hands on the keyboard, bob head to music, get brilliant idea for story/or/ to take you away from the current story, start typing and there you go. If I’m cold, I might use my iPod for notes or a bit of brainstorming and occasionally, I’ll have a glass of water on hand or something munchable. But the stuff I listed is my main writing ritual of sorts. Perhaps I should try different methods…. writing directly after exercising, or listening to things that make me giggle while I write. No music, a ten day writeathon? Or should it be writeaton? That looks like writ eat on. O_o Anyvay…. What are your writing methods? Just out of curiosity. If it involves a dog or cat or something, I’ll have to see if it’s possible to borrow my friends’ pets, seeing as I only have two budgies.

And one more thing: as much as I wish I could have candy on hand to munch on while writing I’d probably spend more time eating than writing. And I’d probably use it as an excuse to not force writer’s block down (and it better STAY down dammit!).