Hello O Reader of the Blog! It seems that I have had a bit of a… hibernation period, in terms of blogging. ^^’ Sorry about that. Today, I come out of my hibernation to wish you a happy day full of green, and if you want to watch something green…. :D Have you or have you not heard of TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)? Because there’s going to be a new TV show (and movie) for it next year. At the end of this post, I think I’ll have a mini-rant about two things regarding that new TV show, but for now, we’re on green things! :D For a green book, why not check out the Fablehaven series? There’s lots of forest in it, and the covers have green on them (not all, but most have some of that lovely emerald colour). For food, why not check out my sister’s Matcha marshmallows? I don’t particularly fancy them myself, but hey, you might! ^_^

Oh, and just so you know… I’ll be transfering a few of my old book reviews over onto this blog, as well as writing a new one soon for The Shadow Alchemist by Pierre Pevel, which I am almost finished with. After that I’ll be starting on Whispers by Phoebe Kitanidis, which looks very very interesting. :D I’m itching to start reading it….

Warning: The following is a mini-rant about two things this writer has seen for the 2012 series of TMNT.

Let’s not dawdle shall we? The two points I want to bring up are Mikey and Donny’s weapons. They gave Mikey a blinkin’ KUSARIGAMA!!!!! I know he’s had weapon changes before (grappling hook, tonfa), but STILL…. I’m going to miss his nunchuks. D: And Donny has NEVER had a weapon change as far as I’m aware. At least he got to keep a staff weapon (even if it does now have a blade on the end, making it a bisento (I think)). I am really hoping there’s a good reason for the weapon change, otherwise I shall be vastly upset about that (not that I’m not now). And the bandana tails for all the turltes are shorter, with Mikey’s being the shortest .The one good thing is that Raph’s eyes are now golden. That is always a good thing. Putting aside my few grievances with what I’ve seen so far, I eagerly anticipate the new TV show, simply because it’s TMNT. :P What’s not to love about four mutant turtles? :D


So, I did get to posting this a little late, but better late than never! The best book I have read this December is As You Wish by Jackson Pearce. That link is to my not-so-small and not-so-obsessed review of it. My interest in Jinn only exists because of how well his character was written…I promise! I’d been waiting to read it forever, got it for Christmas and then promptly read one hundred and eighty pages during the day (which was an accomplishment seeing as we had visitors) and finished the rest the next day. Needless to say, I was very pleased with it and it is now under my “To recommend BUT never to lend” set of tags. Sisters Red is also in there seeing as it was also written by Jackson Pearce and I absolutely admire her. Now excuse me while I go compose a rough outline for a comment to be posted on her next video. I want to ask her to explain exactly how one goes about getting a critique group started like hers (critique group discovery for absolute n00bs, I guess it could be called).

Teach me your mystical drawing skillzzzz....

Okay; you know in my About page how I mention Rihokshahas and a warning about smoking ravens? Well, you will finally get proof that the smoking raven does exist! Thanks to the spectacular drawing skills of my friend, Ember, I now have a smoking raven banner. :D All I did was send her a Cartolina e-card and she offered to either make an e-card for me, or do a banner for my blog. So I chose the blog, and then she made the most perfect banner in history by following my vague guidelines of  “oh, I would love to have an image of a smoking raven writing something.”  Of course, she did ask me things like, “quill or pen?”, “what sort of pipe should the raven be smoking?” and “what background colour and size?” I think the green smoke was a particularly nice touch. :P Makes me wonder what he’s filling his lungs with, exactly? XD  Thank you so much, Ember! And I trust your blog is successful – that’s because you are doing what all successful people do: you keep at it! :)  (I’m already subscribed. ;))  [The raven above is bowing his head reverentially in thanks to you:]

If you fall, you will make many children unhappy.

The first thing we learn about Christmas, is that there is a rather large (possibly just big-boned though, if he’s anything like Obelix), generous old man who has nothing better to do at the end of a year than to give children toys (not that we’re objecting). Now, I’m not exactly sure if his ability to get into people’s houses could be considered a quirk or not, but let’s not think too much about that. Let us think instead, about St. Nick/Santa’s character. For example, he is a jolly old man who might or might not employ his house-entering talents (heaven forbid Santa be accused of breaking and entering) for burglary on all days other than Christmas Eve.

I am supporting this theory with the knowledge that when you’re a kid, and your house has no chimney and you start panicking about him missing your house, your parents tell you that he either magics himself through the mail slot, warps into the house, is given a spare key (or he could just be an expert at lock picking) or any variation of those stories. And for those who do have the chimney, has anyone ever wondered how exactly he manages to get inside those ultra tiny ones? I mean come on! He has to get inside, wiggle his way down to the fireplace (which he can only hope isn’t burning), then actually manage to climb out of the fireplace and hope no one is going to throw a Campbell’s Soup can at him.* Then, he has to squirm his way back up the chimney, pop out the top like a cork out of a bottle, dust all the soot off his clothes and out of his beard, and then jump in the sleigh so he can go to another house and do it again. How does he get this done in just one night?

Of course, the post wasn’t originally going to feature so much Christmasy content, it was going to be about character quirks. Here are a few examples of good quirks (in my opinion):

  1. King Bumi’s eye twitch and snorting laugh (he’s from Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  2. A person’s head moving slightly from side to side and their tongue darting out every time their brain-cage starts moving the other way (it would be even better if that tongue happened to be slitted)
  3. Sketching in midair to think things out, and tapping on an imaginary keyboard while talking

Those are just three examples of what I think would make brilliant character quirks. Honestly, those are cool ones. Another one I considered was a character compulsively going up to people and telling them “You look nice,” or “Your hair is lovely,” or “Your eyes are gorgeous!” or “Love your makeup” etc. However, depending on the character’s personality, this might just be annoying rather than flattering. ^^’

Another character quirk (in my opinion) would be using obscure words to convey how happy they are. And I think that’s about all I have to say on this subject, so there’s my two cents. :P Also, before this post is over, I was just wondering what sorts of quirks you readers find interesting in characters? Like what sorts of quirks you like in a character, what sorts you don’t like, what sorts border on superpowers…. whatever. To repeat what I said earlier, what sorts of quirks you readers find interesting in characters.


Chuck Norris does not use spell check. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford will simply change the actual spelling of it.

Christmas morning is the day where spelling errors are seemingly acceptable because no one else is paying attention to what you are doing. Everyone is much too busy adoring/reading/touching or figuring out how long the presents are going to last. I will probably end up in the reading category if I get any of the books I have wished for on my list. Seeing as this will probably be posted automatically before I’m awake, since I can never seem to get to sleep immediately on Christmas Eve and it happens for me much later. I still don’t know what I’ve gotten exactly. However, yours truly is probably bouncing up and down in excitement at the thought that I’m finally getting to know just what the heck has been wrapped and taunting me until the big unveil.

Let us all take a moment to hope that we all got some form of candy (and for writers, let us hope your stockings got filled with chocolate and coffee to fuel your sudden writing fevers).

Seeing as you probably want to get to your family members so that you can enjoy Christmas, let us end the post here so that you may do so.

A very warm “Merry Christmas!” to all who celebrate it!

To those who celebrate other holidays, may your’s be just as joyous! I wish you all the very best of everything life has to offer.

Oh my word! It's Santa's dissatisfied cat Mr. Fluffykins!

So we all know that the Christmas holiday is supposed to be a time of utter joy to all beings (excluding the cat, obviously) and yet for me it is a nightmare.

If you actually believed that little lie, you are now obligated to buy me a bar of chocolate! It must be milk chocolate or white chocolate and if it has a filling, everyone knows caramel is the only way to go.

To get on to the actual post though…

Happy Holidays to whatever readers there may be! I seem to be better at writing seasonal fanfictions than writing seasonal blogposts. Woe is me! Unless I want to turn into Mr. Fluffykins *cough*Grumpy-all-the-time*cough* So, ’tis that time of year again (no, not the much-worshiped birthday of myself) and presents are to be bought/made/chosen from the stash of items in my closet and wrapped to be given to other people. Which reminds me: I’ve got to find a button so I can complete a knitting project for one friend and do those completely fingerless gloves for another one … give me a minute to panic!

Now could also be the time to consider starting a story where the main character is having a lovely Christmas and it is completely ruined by a killer robot. Stop looking at me like that, I’m not in a bad mood!

Well, maybe I am in a bit of a mood but I swear it isn’t a bad one! Also, despite the trip to Disneyland having been in part of October and November, I seem to have only been pushed into gear about seriously sitting down and writing a post about the experience now that my sister has done one. Oh no, make that two, though the second one only counts as a half-post seeing as it’s about what food we ate (and she totally forgot that tough-to-chew sausage). Note to Zoe: You are SUCH a foodie. This is said with great affection of course ;)

Sorry but I must go write the post/be moody/be thoughtful/mope about the impossibility of getting any more chocolate peppermint milk this evening/watch the music video for Need You Tonight by INXS (back when they had Michael Hutchence, who is so much better than the new guy in my humble opinion).

Talk to you (all?) soon! :D And I need to get back to checking YA Highway daily. I’m missing all the RTW posts. *sigh*

Just now, guess what? I was enjoying a poached egg with toast that my sister had made (she only made the egg, she couldn’t have made the wheat bread) with a bit of tomato (it would have been half if I’d had my way). Suddenly, guess what I hear? “OOOOHITLOOKSDELICIOUSOOZINGOUT! Sloooowly…” Okay I exaggerated with how she said it, but she DID say those words. We all know Zoe doesn’t overreact over little things like that (“OOOOH MACRO!”) I proceeded to give her a calm look (a.k.a. the what-the-hell-is-up-with-you? look). Then I leaned away from her slowly. She had been looking at my poached egg ever since I sat down to eat it, and I’d just pierced the yolk because she had just said “but EVERYBODY soaks up the bread with the yolk!” and I had said “Well maybe I’m not everybody.” Apparently, I am though, seeing as I did what she said.

And just as she started to seemingly calm down, she suddenly started up again. “But look at it! It’s oozing out so slowly it’s perfect! And then how it congeals upon touching the bread as it cools.” I gave her another calm look and then told her she was freaking me out and reminding me too much of the crazy automaton Patterson in Like Clockwork by Bonnie Dee (sorry if you haven’t read it and you have no idea how Patterson is crazy). From there, she suddenly gets up and I’m thinking “oh joy, I’ll be able to eat my poached egg on toast with tomato in peace!” and then it abruptly changed from such happy thoughts to “oh no, she’s getting out the camera, quick! HIDE THE MEAL!” Unfortunately, I was too late, and she reached me before I could make a decision between high tailing it from the room to scarfing it down quickly. She’s getting to be a good food papparazo, I can’t get away before she arrives with the flash on (Z inserts here that flash is never used in foodography and she doesn’t advocate it). So for the next few seconds, I try to photo bomb the pictures with my index finger to try and show how displeased I am with this (giggling the whole time) and she either has the nerve to push my hand away or tell me to take my other hand out of the picture, which is still holding onto the fork. Or to reposition the camera. By the time she was done, my egg was colder than it had been, and I told her she had to make me another to compensate. This was more of a demand than a request, seeing as I gave her another look, this one not being so calm (it was a get-on-it-NOW-or-I-will-find-a-way-to-do-SOMETHING-to-your-blog).

Z says: How about I teach you to poach your own eggs?

I say: No conversations inside a post that aren’t being recorded from the recent past, and this is not a foodie blog.

As an added note, she also told me the “perfect” temperature for cooking eggs when she was poaching mine, to which I replied that I have absolutely no interest in the perfect temperature, as long as the bloody thing is cooked!

P.S. The photo will probably end up in her Flickr photo stream. And I’ll probably add it just to make a comment.

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